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New Management

Management has changed. Please contact:

Joye Jones
Community Association Manager
Sentry Management Inc
6149 N Meeker Pl. Suite 150
Boise, ID  83713
08-323-1080 ext. 59511
208-853-1960 (fax)


Irrigation Water On

Irrigation Water is now on!

Irrigation Water On

Thank you all greatly for your patience while we were treating the ponds. The chemical levels have dissipated enough that we are able to turn the irrigation back on today. The canals will run out of water Friday, October 9th, but we will be running our backup well for as long as we can so residents can get in a good soaking. A sign will go up at the entrance to let you know water is on, and when it is turned back off. Turn off will depend on how the well holds up. We may have to turn off intermittently next week to build up the water supply to allow for additional watering throughout the week before shutting down for the season. Thank you all again for your continued support and patience. Happy Watering!

2015 Irrigation Water Shut Off

It’s that time of year again. Water will shut down on September 21st. We have to treat the ponds before the weather gets too much cooler and irrigation must be off in order for treatment to take affect. Get your last good soakings in now.  

Irrigation Water Is On

We officially have water and the system is pumping. You may water your lawns now. Happy Gardening!

City Council Meeting

The next Meridian City Council meeting is scheduled for May, 21st, at 6pm, at the new Meridian City Hall building. If you are interested in hearing about the plans for developing next to the west pond, be sure to attend. They are planning a pool facility and 6 homes that will back up to the pond.

Monthly Newsletter Signup

The SpurWing Association sends out monthly newsletters to the community in order to share information on current concerns and upcoming items of importance. To sign up on the distribution list please click here.

2014 Community Annual Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014, at The Club, at 6pm, for the SpurWing Owners Association annual meeting. We encourage all to join us.

Community Informational Meeting

Please join us at 6pm, at The Club, on Thursday, January 30th, 2014 for an informational meeting regarding the Lifestyle Membership.

Home Winterizing

winterizing homeNow is the time to winterize your home against the upcoming chilly months. Irrigation water is still running, but you can winterize your system now. Just be sure not to turn off your main valve. However, there’s much more to winterizing than just sprinkler blowouts, so check out this list of  home winterizing tips today. A few inexpensive precautions now, can make a world of difference later.