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Irrigation Water Still Off

We are still working on main line issues with the irrigation. We have excavators digging up the issue to get repaired. As soon as it’s finished water will be turned back on. We greatly appreciate everyone’s patience while we work through this.

Irrigation Water Off

Due to treatments on the ponds and some irrigation repairs needed, the water will be off from starting Wednesday, 7/30/14 through 7/31/14, and will be turned back on the morning of 8/1/14. Thank you for your understanding and patience while these are completed.

Irrigation Water Off

Water will be off today and tomorrow for treatment of the ponds and repairs. It is scheduled to be back on by Friday morning.

City Council Meeting

The next Meridian City Council meeting is scheduled for May, 21st, at 6pm, at the new Meridian City Hall building. If you are interested in hearing about the plans for developing next to the west pond, be sure to attend. They are planning a pool facility and 6 homes that will back up to the pond.

Water in the Estates

The new development in the Estates is taking advantage of the rain, and relocating some main lines, so irrigation water has been shut off in the estates area while this is being completed. It will be restored as soon as possible.

Irrigation Water

Irrigation water was on, but has been turned off until Saturday, April 19th, so that the ponds could be treated and irrigation breaks repaired. Thank you for your understanding.

2014 Irrigation Season

Water is on, and ready for use. Please be courteous and help us conserve by making sure you are not watering ifollowing our community water schedule.
  • Home addresses ending in an EVEN number may water Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Home addresses ending in an ODD number may water Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Monthly Newsletter Signup

The SpurWing Association sends out monthly newsletters to the community in order to share information on current concerns and upcoming items of importance. To sign up on the distribution list please click here.

2014 Community Annual Meeting

Join us on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014, at The Club, at 6pm, for the SpurWing Owners Association annual meeting. We encourage all to join us.

Informational Meeting

Thank you all who attended our informational meeting last night. It was a pleasure seeing familiar faces and meeting new. The meeting was very productive, and ended positively. For any who were unable to join use, the handouts from the meeting included:

Dues & Membership Comparison 
Master Declaration Excerpts Defining Lifestyle Membership