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New Management

Management has changed. Please contact:

Joye Jones
Community Association Manager
Sentry Management Inc
6149 N Meeker Pl. Suite 150
Boise, ID  83713
08-323-1080 ext. 59511
208-853-1960 (fax)


Irrigation Water On

Irrigation Water is now on!

Irrigation Water On

Thank you all greatly for your patience while we were treating the ponds. The chemical levels have dissipated enough that we are able to turn the irrigation back on today. The canals will run out of water Friday, October 9th, but we will be running our backup well for as long as we can so residents can get in a good soaking. A sign will go up at the entrance to let you know water is on, and when it is turned back off. Turn off will depend on how the well holds up. We may have to turn off intermittently next week to build up the water supply to allow for additional watering throughout the week before shutting down for the season. Thank you all again for your continued support and patience. Happy Watering!

2015 Irrigation Water Shut Off

It’s that time of year again. Water will shut down on September 21st. We have to treat the ponds before the weather gets too much cooler and irrigation must be off in order for treatment to take affect. Get your last good soakings in now.  

A video tour of SpurWing Greens + Tahoe Homes

Be sure to see Tahoe Homes’ last two model homes at SpurWing Greens. In some ways, we’ve saved the best for last…these last two designs sparkle with character and high-end finishes.. For a showing appointment, please contact Will Dilmore, 208.867.1622 c. or

Video link

Irrigation Update

Good Evening, We have an 8″ irrigation main line that has broken. We were able to excavate it today, but there is so much water still draining out of it, even with the system off, that we cannot make the repair yet. Hopefully the rain is helping yards. We hope this line will be drained enough tomorrow to make the repair. If it is unable to be repaired Friday, we will post again. Thank you for your continued patience.

Irrigation Water

Good Morning,

Repairs were made to the first leak yesterday and water was restored during the afternoon for a short period before another leak was discovered and water had to be turned back off. We are still digging and working on the 2nd leak, and will restore water as soon as possible. We are very sorry for the inconvenience. We will post updates each day it remains off.

Irrigation Water is Off

Good Morning,

Water has been temporarily shut down while a repair is made in the system. Water should be restored today. Thank you!

Irrigation Water Is On

We officially have water and the system is pumping. You may water your lawns now. Happy Gardening!

Water On

Thank you all for your patience. We were able to finalize repairs and return water to the community on Saturday morning.